Several years ago our life changed dramatically for the worse, as Donald lost his job and we stood without any income. His two young sons lived with us every second week and we nearly lost our home several times. But with tenacity and by finding solutions, being thrifty when it came to food and necessities, we managed to survive on €20 per week, which nobody thought was possible. We made sure that the children didn’t know about our situation. Financially we had nothing. In the eyes of banks, credit unions and lenders we were marked as credit unworthy, just because the social security systems failed us when Donald lost his job and he had to wait 6 months for unemployment compensation, even though we were constantly looking for work. We didn’t become poor due to lack of knowledge, solution orientation or creativity, but because we were registered in the Swedish debt directory.

But we didn’t let this stop us! We decided to create a new life, to start over, and instead of being stuck under the circumstances we decided to follow our dreams and build something so big that we could help others by reaching our goals. To find a way to do this we started to read books and study how different business systems worked. We started a business to have a foundation to build on, to learn from. We managed to pay off all our debts, and year by year we’ve worked towards the next step, and now we have reached a new phase. A couple of years ago we sold all our belongings in Sweden and moved. Today we’re renting a home in Southern France, between the mountains and the lovely beaches of the Mediterranean.

Year by year we have fought towards our dream , and now we are creating a business to complete the last step.

Now we're building something together

We are currently building a business to reward all people who are interested in getting cash flow from rental properties. More information will come. In the meantime you can learn more about our beautiful French region.