Several years ago the life for me and my wife (and indirectly, my two children) changed for the worse and this also marked a new beginning and the starting point of a journey to change our lives.

Working towards a goal can be full of bumps and obstacles. By working our way up from a low position in life, keeping our goal in sight, we met a lot of great people. We realized the world are full och people ready to give a helping hand.
in 2014 we made a decision to move to the south coast of France in order to additionally improve our life and made it a reality in March, 2015.

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We started a crowdfunding project to reach out to you all for help with our next step. We have big plans for the future which include to be able to help others, but for that to become true we need to start building the necessary cash flow.

Step one is to buy the first house to rent out, but since the bank in France doesn’t regard the first property as security for a loan we need your help to get started. Our plan after that is to develop our business step by step with more properties and collaborations with local businesses.

You can be part of our story by donate money to the project. Every donation counts, no amount is too small. We have also created some rewards and maybe the rewards could make you interested in our beautiful French region that is still to be discovered.

On the crowdfunding page, you can read more about our region and how you can help.



The money you donate and the money we invest will be used to:

Buy the first property

The property will be located in the beautiful region north of Beziers, at the South coast of France, connected to the mountains, rivers and the Mediterranean Sea

Renovate the property

We will do any renovation needed to make it attractive and comfortable.

Get permissions & insurances

It's important the property is well protected and all necessary permissions and insurances is in place.


Putting up the property on rental sites and do any additional marketing to make the property visible.

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